Truffle Melanosporum

The black truffle or tuber melanosporum, also known as Périgord truffle, is highly valued for its great aroma. It comes from a fungus that is under the ground the hypogeum.


Main characteristics: 

Ascoma: rounded or irregular hypogeum depending on the ground where it grows. In loose soils where it has no obstacle to grow acquires a rounded shape. In stony soils its growth is hindered by the stones and to adopt very varied forms. Size from 1 to 20 centimeters, although specimens of more than 2 kilos have been found.

Peridium: adherent to the gleba. Brown black color initially reddish. Warts 3-5 millimeters wide at the base of the pyramid, 4-6 faces, with greater development the looser the terrain.

Gleba: purplish black when it finishes ripening. Fine white and very branched veins that redden with the air when the truffle is well ripe. If the truffle freezes, these veins disappear.

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In PROSILVA you can find the Summer Truffle in the same formats as the Melanosporum: whole fresh, in pieces, laminated, brisura, frozen, preserved and truffle juice.

Summer Truffle

The Summer Truffle or Aestivum has a delicate flavor, softer than the Winter Truffle or Melanosporum. Its intense perfume, consistency and freshness make it a unique product. Its taste is of medium intensity, reminiscent of nuts, walnuts or hazelnuts.


Ascoma: hypogeum rounded and strongly warty. Size from 2 to 9 centimeters, although much larger specimens can be found.

Peridium: adherent to Gleba. Brown black to black. Warts 3-12 mm wide at the base, 4-6-sided pyramids, very prominent and frequently depressed at the tip. These warts show a transverse striation and longitudinal grooves.

Gleba: white when immature. Evolves a light brown color that darkens as it matures. White veins that do not change color, fine, very numerous and tight.

Collected one by one

At Prosilva we carry out a rigorous quality examination, which is why our truffles stand out for their uniform and rounded shape, for their exquisite and perfumed aroma and for a flavour full of nuances.